Lettre à moi-même

Harald Theiss, art historian, curator and author

Lettre à moi-même is a project in several parts by Patricia Dreyfus, a French artist living in Berlin. It is an almost immeasurable personal cosmos of surrealistic stylistic elements that is manifest throughout her cross-genre work. At the hub of this largely figurative narrative is an autobiographical context. In this way, not only does she offer insights into this context but also provokes unmitigated involvement with it. Questions concerning origins, identity and gender are addressed – yet the focus lies on breaking through and breaking open boundaries, social norms and constraints.

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Von Köpfen, Körpern und anderen Verwandtschaften

Harald Theiss

Modellierte Köpfe, immer wieder: Bodeninstallationen mit unzählig vielen Köpfen, Köpfe hinter Glas arrangiert, wieder andere Köpfe gruppiert und auf einzelne Metallstäbe fixiert - nahezu in Augenhöhe platziert, entwickeln sie mit ihrer Präsenz minimale Körperlichkeiten und Nähe. Mit ihren Köpfen aus Ton oder Bronze schaut Patricia Dreyfus in Köpfe hinein.

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The black Island

Dagrun Hintze

Houses are a recurrent motif in Patricia Dreyfus’s drawings – sometimes in the form of high-rise buildings, elsewhere as simple family homes in the way children paint them. In general, the motif belongs to the thematic complex of “women” or “femininity”. The drawing “Turbulenz-Zone” (Zone of turbulence) shows a naked female figure squatting on top of a somewhat crumpled block of flats; the figure is using the roof of the neighbouring building (which has been skewered by a rocket) as a makeshift tabletop to stand drinks on.

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L’Île imaginaire

Schulz und Schulz

“My face is all red, with nothing but an eye, in the forehead. I move through impenetrable fog, a little lost

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Being cursed with sleeplessness, Emile Cioran wrote, is “an extremely painful experience, a catastrophe. But it allows you to understand things that the others cannot understand: sleeplessness puts you outside the living’s domain, outside humanity.”

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Signes de têtes


…the infinite ensemble of heads creates a vast family of people all relaying their thoughts to one another like so many sparks required to arm Prometheus.

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